Data Access Request and Review Service

What is it?

The Data Access Request and Review (DARREV) Service aims to facilitate the controlled sharing of sensitive datasets for secondary use.

Who is for?

With the DARREV Service, the LNDS assists both data requestors and providers. We help requestors in submitting in data access requests and associated project proposals, and we help data providers manage requests, coordinate and document the request review process and finally manage the records of granted accesses.

How it works?

As with any other LNDS project, we start by onboarding our partners, which in the case of DARREV service could be both data providers and requestors.

We work with data providers to include sensitive datasets under DARREV service umbrella, We collect information that will enable access review and decision processes, these are, specifically, the data's use restrictions and GDPR-related characterisation and documentation, in addition we capture the provider's requirements for data access request forms and review processes. We will include relevant dataset information in the LNDS catalog and data requestors will be able to intiate their access requests via the catalog. Whenever a request is submitted a request and review process will be orchestrated and followed up by the LNDS data stewards. This process involves:

LNDS providing assistance to data requestors in formulating access requests and associated project proposals. The LNDS will help requestors incorporate state of the art data privacy and information security solutions into their project proposal. As such the chances of request data access being granted will be increased.

Contact us

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