Data Management and Stewardship Support Service

What is it?

The Data Management and Stewardship Support (DaMSS) Service support your organisation in building research data management and stewardship capacity.

Who is for?

The DaMSS Service is open to any organisation in Luxembourg that recognises the importance of effective data management and is looking to optimise its use, quality and compliance with existing policies and regulations.

How it works?

As with any other LNDS project, you will start by the partner onboarding process and will receive training materials that explain the key concepts used by the LNDS in delivering data management and stewardship services. The DaMSS service is based on a lifecycle view for data management. In our consultancy, we will align your requirements with the various stages of the data lifecycle. This process helps us to identify and recommend applicable tools, standards, and approaches. If the project involves the use of specific LNDS data management systems, you will be provided with access and necessary authorizations. Upon the successful completion of the project, a comprehensive activity report will be prepared for your review, and for LNDS as well.

Contact us

For questions or service requests please email