Data Project Consulting and Onboarding Service

Each data project is unique and we understand that one size does not fit all. This is why each collaboration with LNDS always begins with DPStart: our Data Project Consulting and Onboarding service.

The challenges encountered by our partners are truly diverse. Data access request, secure processing environment, pseudonymisation, best practices for data management... Each requires different solutions.

DPStart is an exercise of two-way communication. You introduce us to your operational landscape, we help you re-frame your project to leverage our catalogue of services.

We start each DPStart meetings with two main objectives: understand your project goals—including its anticipated social impact—and agree on how LNDS can help it succeed.

By the end of DPStart, we will have identified together the services your project needs, created an actionable roadmap with milestones...and hopefully laid solid foundations, not just for one, but for many projects.

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